Finishing Service

Finishing Service

Once your doors or furniture has been stripped they will need finishing to protect the surfaces from general wear and tear and to give them a decorative finish.

Stripped pine chest of drawers, after finishing with BriwaxA lot of customers prefer to do this themselves and to that end we have included a Help and Tutorials page with a step by step guide with many helpful images and will be adding more tutorials to read and download soon.

If you prefer to have us do the finishing we offer a complete finishing service whether that be waxing, oiling or spraying. Please see our price guide, if your item isn’t listed there please contact us for a price.

Below are listed a few finishing options.

Wax Polishing
The most popular way to finished pine is with a good bees wax polish.  Briwax which is especially formulated for bare woods gives a deep subtle shine.  The finish is quite long lasting only needing a light buff or another coat now and then to keep the surfaces looking great.

Danish Oil
Another way to finish your item is to use Danish oil.  It penetrates the timber more deeply than bees wax and hardens it tends to give better resistance to water splashes. However oil will tend to make the pine slightly darker than waxing does and the sheen is not as good. It may be worth mentioning here the old traditional way of polishing with linseed oil alone. Although it takes much longer to do and is built up over weeks rather than days.  Once finished and burnished it looks great and lasts a long long time.

Clear Varnishing
Varnishing is another option but unless there is a good reason to have water resistance it is probably best avoided as it can be difficult to get the finish just right. It will often look a bit raw and tends to show any imperfections in the timbers. With modern water based varnishes the problems are not quite as bad but always test a small area first.

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